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“This Was Now” by jazz pianist Daniel Meron - In pursuit of heightened awareness, established composer and bandleader records an improvised solo piano album of cover songs.

(released 2/28/18 on Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records)


What makes an established composer and bandleader record a solo piano album of cover songs? Apparently, it is the modern way of life. Feeling that society’s dependence on the internet, smartphones and social media was taking a toll on his internal calm and ability to focus, pianist and composer Daniel Meron decided to try to regain his sense of awareness. After incorporating meditation into his life and creative work, the Israeli-born and Brooklyn-based musician entered the studio to explore the art of solo piano and improvisation. In minimally arranged to completely spontaneous versions of some of his favorite standards and popular songs, Meron searches for sincere moments of inspiration while striving to deliver clear ideas in real time. After releasing two critically acclaimed ensemble albums that feature his compositions, Meron turns to familiar music with the goal of exposing other sides of his musical voice.

To be released February 28th, 2018 on Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records, This Was Now is a collection of Meron’s latest interpretations of well known tunes, in which the creative process is palpable in every passage. This interesting mix of musical selections includes jazz standards, American Songbook classics, an Israeli traditional melody about the biblical King David, a Teen-Pop-Rock hit, a Bob Marley song, and one free improvisation (entitled 2:35pm). Whether it’s in the opening track Body and Soul, which begins on what is traditionally the second part of the song, or the densely-chorded and soulful intro to Marley’s Redemption Song, Meron lets the music lead him to unexpected places, exploring a wide range of moods and grooves. To summarize with Daniel Meron’s own words about  the album’s title: “This Was Now describes exactly what this album is — a capturing of a moment that was true for that day in the studio. A portrait of where I was emotionally, mentally and musically at that point in time”.

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