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Pinch Records is delighted to announce the June 21, 2024 release of Pendulum, the latest recording from pianist, composer and arranger Daniel Meron, marking his 5th leader release. Across nine original compositions and one arrangement, Meron boasts a modern jazz sound sieved through sonic layers of Middle Eastern and Latin influences. The music, and how it unfolds on Pendulum depicts a journey of the soul flourishing away from its roots, evolving and changing, yet finding that its core remains.

Recent albums Featuring Daniel Meron

Electric Pool (Pinch Records 2023)

Bunnicula (Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records 2023)

The Visit

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NPR Review on "I Am Now" Tiny Desk Submisison

"I Am Now" is a cosmic treat about finding a sense of purpose. The message in the music is inviting, with each word twinkling and flowing into one another, making for a lyrical intergalactic dreamscape."

-NPR Article-

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