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New albums Featuring Daniel Meron

Electric Pool (Pinch Records 2023)

Bunnicula (Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records 2023)

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NPR Review on "I Am Now" Tiny Desk Submisison

"I Am Now" is a cosmic treat about finding a sense of purpose. The message in the music is inviting, with each word twinkling and flowing into one another, making for a lyrical intergalactic dreamscape."

-NPR Article-

EMBRACING WILD is available on all platforms

Daniel Meron Embracing Wild Front Album Cover
Meron Band 1 Small.jpg

Daniel Meron “Embracing Wild” released August 2nd 2019 on Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records. The album features drummer Felix Lecaros, bassist Pablo Menares and vocalist Kéren-Or Tayar. Together, they deliver a memorable experience of sounds and colors from around the world. One that is fueled by spontaneity, playfulness and powerful rhythms.

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