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Pinch Records is delighted to announce the June 21, 2024 release of Pendulum, the latest recording from pianist, composer and arranger Daniel Meron, marking his 5th leader release. Across nine original compositions and one arrangement, Meron boasts a modern jazz sound sieved through sonic layers of Middle Eastern and Latin influences. The music, and how it unfolds on Pendulum depicts a journey of the soul flourishing away from its roots, evolving and changing, yet finding that its core remains.

Daniel Meron Embracing Wild Front Album Cover

EMBRACING WILD is available on all platforms

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Daniel Meron is proud to announce the 2019 release of his new album “Embracing Wild” on Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records. The album features drummer Felix Lecaros, bassist Pablo Menares and vocalist Kéren-Or Tayar. Together, they deliver a memorable experience of sounds and colors from around the world. One that is fueled by spontaneity, playfulness and powerful rhythms.

Recent albums Featuring Daniel Meron

Electric Pool (Pinch Records 2023)

Bunnicula (Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records 2023)

This Was Now - Solo Piano (2018)

This Was Now was released on Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records and is available for purchase on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes and all other online stores and streaming services. 

"Daniel Meron must live on a higher plane than the rest of us... utilizing classical chops, post-bebop smarts and a definite swing, Meron makes his 88 keys into a full orchestra." - The Aquarian

"The opening phrase of “Body And Soul” rips Daniel Meron open like a haphazardly wrapped present." - Jerusalem Post

"Playing in a completely spontaneous mode—just sit down and touch the keys—Daniel Meron has created a consistently compelling listening experience with This Was Now." - All About Jazz

This Was Now - Daniel's new album is a result of the pianist and composer's pursuit of heightened awareness. After incorporating meditation into his life and creative work, the Israeli-born and Brooklyn-based jazz musician entered the studio to explore the art of solo piano and improvisation. Playing minimally arranged to completely spontaneous versions of some of his favorite standards and popular songs, Meron searches for sincere moments of inspiration while striving to deliver clear ideas in real time. After releasing two critically acclaimed ensemble albums that feature his compositions, Meron turns to familiar music with the goal of exposing other sides of his musical voice, at this point in time. 

released February 28, 2018 

Recorded February 23rd and March 29th 2017 at Vinegar Hill Sound, Brooklyn, NY 
Mixed and mastered by Katsuhiko Naito 
Artwork by Matt Manley

Sky Begins (2016)
Meron's recent album SKY BEGINS is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD BabyBandcamp and all popular streaming websites.  
"Sky Begins has a distinctly caffeinated, almost rockish energy... Meron is a notably deft and engaging improviser".
- All About Jazz
"Maia Karo handles the vocals with real feeling for the lyrics...Meron is a melodist with talent. His work deserves the respect Karo gives it".
- Blogcritics
"Meron’s solos and accompaniment are a joy. There is a sense of composer and performers in fruitful synergy. Highly recommended". ​
- The Jazz Breakfast

Directions (2010)

​Featuring Meron's music for jazz trio and quintet, released 2010.  

“…I am totally captured by this beautiful recording of original compositions by Daniel Meron ... Finding ones own feelings and expression in the music is what it's all about." - Joe Lovano


"Directions is defined by a melodic, lyrical, style that is immediately engaging... Meron's piano sound is crystal clear, precise and beautiful.."  ​- Bruce Lindsay (AAJ)


Buy the album via iTunes, ​Amazon, or Paypal(physical copy).

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