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No Compromise - Daniel's New Trio
"We're following the melodies and rhythms that move us, and see where they take us as a group". Meron describes his experience performing his new compositions with bassist Pablo Menares and drummer Felix Lecaros. Influenced by the rich cultures of Israel and Chile, and nurtured by New York city's jazz scene, this trio is forging a distinct and fresh sound. The group is performing in NYC and  the east coast, as they prepare to record an album early next year.
This Was Now - Upcoming Solo Album
Meron's latest project is a result of a studio session dedicated to exploring the art of solo piano and improvisation. Playing minimally arranged to completely spontaneous versions of some of his favorite standards and popular songs, Meron searches for sincere moments of inspiration while striving to deliver clear ideas in real time. After releasing two albums that feature his compositions, Meron turns to familiar music with the goal of exposing other sides of his musical voice, at this point in time.
Watch a live video from the recording session:
Sky Begins - Meron's Latest Album
Sky Begins is Daniel Meron's second album as a leader. Featuring vocalist Maia Karo, Noam Wiesenberg on bass and Jimmy Macbride on drums, Sky Begins presents Meron’s most recent songs and compositions. While clearly in the realm of jazz, the music on the album is dynamic and lyrical, traveling through rich harmonies to magical places in time and imagination. The band grooves hard on funky and folkloric rhythms, while shifting between energetic improvisation and intimate interaction.
"Sky Begins has a distinctly caffeinated, almost rockish energy... Meron is a notably deft and engaging improviser".
- All About Jazz
"Maia Karo handles the vocals with real feeling for the lyrics...Meron is a melodist with talent. His work deserves the respect Karo gives it".
- Blogcritics
"Meron’s solos and accompaniment are a joy. There is a sense of composer and performers in fruitful synergy. Highly recommended". ​
- The Jazz Breakfast
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