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The Visit is that dream you had the other night, where everything felt familiar yet out of this world. When time felt both wobbly and firm like jello. And the only thing you could do was keep still, overcome your fears, and let everything unfold.


The Visit was actually composed by Daniel already in 2012, and was arranged for a 9-piece band for a live show at the legendary venue "The Living Room" in New York. Unfortunately, it was never professionally recorded in that version, so Daniel decided to create a home-produced version of it as the first project of its kind for him. The result is a slow grooving synth-jazz track; Analog lead playing enchanting melody over dry backbeat live drums. Soft arpeggio gives a clock-ticking effect, as a piano solo takes over halfway in.


This is Daniel Meron's debut home-produced track since he was a teenager. After years of focusing on his jazz performance career, the Brooklyn based pianist-composer used quarantine to rebuild his home studio. Performing and recording all the instruments on this track, including drums and vocals, Meron is reclaiming his skills as a producer of genre-bending, captivating original music.


This release, early in 2023, will be followed by multiple releases planned for this year from Daniel Meron's personal and collaborative projects.

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